Original Gyotaku of Matthew Monahan @Goodman

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Thanks for scanning the QR Code for my art at Goodman! Each of these pieces was created by inking an actual fish and rubbing paper or fabric against it creating an original monoprint. Afterward, I mount the piece to flatten it, and then paint the eyes using paint. 

You're free to purchase any of these pieces by selecting the piece below and purchasing it here on my website. Then show your receipt to the barista to let them know you purchased the piece and you're free to take it home! 

Feel free to text me if you have any questions or need help. 423-290-5175

I also live right down the road in St. Elmo in case you're interested in other species not represented here. 

My work is also at Area 61 Gallery on Broad Street not too far from here. 

Thanks so much!