Relief prints where the natural subject is hand-inked, pressed, and pulled, resulting in a unique and original work of fine art. 

Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout Gyotaku

Bows, Browns, Brooks. 96"x36"

Cutthroat Trout and Arctic Grayling.

Large Octopus Vulgaris Gyotaku on Okawara

Octopus Vulgaris. 56"x32"

Mahi Mahi. 56"x32"

Tennessee Wild Turkey Feather. 11"x14"

Cutthroat Trout Gyotaku

Cutthroat Trout. 24"x20"

Rainbow Trout Gyotaku on Floral Chiri Paper

Rainbow Trout. 38"x12"

Ginkgo Leaf Monoprint

Ginkgo leaves.

Freshwater Drum Gyotaku

Freshwater Drum. 36"x24"

Octopus Vulgaris on Okawara

Octopus Vulgaris. 32"x56"