Bows, Browns, and American Pondweed. Professionally Framed and to hang. (Rainbow and Brown Trout.)

Bows, Browns, and American Pondweed. Professionally Framed and to hang. (Rainbow and Brown Trout.)

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This piece comprises three different original works that have been fused together using the ancient methods of Chinese calligraphers. Each work is on a full sheet of ma (hemp) based mulberry paper. The bottom sheet is hand-dyed by the artist using archival fiber dyes. The middle sheet is a full print of a large piece of American Pondweed harvested from Parksville Lake. The top sheet is made of fish rubbings of Tennessee rainbow trout and brown trout. After the three works are wet-mounted together, the unity is finished with watercolors and india ink to add the eyes and spotting of the fish. 

Compositionally, all the factors compose a beautiful unity: Initially the viewer sees Five fish, each different from the other. All appear to be swimming in different directions, but the curves together form a singular movement. The pondweed amplifies this movement by revealing that the flow of the water is from right to left and upward, thus the fish are shown to be swimming into the current in the opposite direction of the water flow, but on the same path. Finally, the dyed paper has striking lines that both offset and compliment the previous mentioned lines: the prominent ones are intersecting the line of the fish and the pondweed but secondary lines restore harmony and balance, as if it is the light from the sun penetrating the water column from multiple directions. 

Finally, the colors of the piece are also a powerful example of unity emerging from diversity. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like the cool colors of the brown trout should harmonize with the warm colors of the rainbow trout, but all the colors are mixed by the artist starting with a common core color of permanent yellow lake, thus giving every color on the fish a common ancestor and DNA harmony. . 

This piece was framed by master framer Frank Sheperd, owner of Framewrights in South Chattanooga. 

It is currently on display at The Hatch Outfitters in Chattanooga.

Because of the size and frame I won't be able to ship this unless the buyer makes arrangements with me to do so at their own expense. 

The print is on a 32 by 55 sheet of paper. The frame adds a couple of inches all the way around.