Matthew Monahan signing a walleye original gyotaku

Matthew is a self-taught artist whose work is in many private collections across the Southeast. His work is on display publicly in prestigious restaurants and boutique hotels such as The Edwin in Chattanooga, TN and Audrey in Nashville, TN. Until the pandemic, The Pennsylvania Environmental council annually commissioned dozens of his pieces for corporate and individual awards. His work has been exhibited in local galleries including Wanderlinger and Hetzel. He recently won the Bobby Stone Best Emerging Artist Award at Four Bridges Art Festival. 

As a lifetime member and former board member of the Nature Printing Society, Matthew sees the power of art to connect people to the world and care for it. Over the years he has taught printmaking classes to students from eight to eighty years old, and spoken at various venues about art in general and his approach to printmaking in particular. His work is highly technical and disciplined. Besides the uncommon challenge of printing organic creatures, Matthew’s  focus on the elements of composition and mixing his own harmonious palettes is what sets his work apart.