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The Mighty Bluegill Makes it to Japanese Television!

Original Fish Print of Crappie

A major Japanese TV show called “Rediscover Japan recently featured my work.” It’s about Japanese influence on the rest of the world. The section on Gyotaku starts at 2:40. It discusses how traditionally Japanese gyotaku is made with black ink on white paper, but recently some are making “colorful gyotaku” in the States. It highlights some of the prints I did on fabric earlier this year with CMY colors on cotton fabric. I still have some for sale in my Etsy shop. Check them out via the link below!

Original Fish Print on Cotton
Freshwater Drum Gyotaku

Original Fish Print of Crappie
Black Crappie Gyotaku
Original Fish Print of Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass Original Gyotaku

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Gyotaku Octopus

Gyotaku Octopus on Mulberry

During the Nature Printing Society conference this fall, I had my first opportunity to print an octopus. This was a direct print gyotaku class with Lori Loftus and Sharron Huffman. We used Speedball oil-based fabric and paper ink. I mixed red, blue, and silver with some transparent base in order to get a pale, shimmering purple. This piece is already sold, but I have a few more to finish.